Drink Rethink

Drink Rethink is a preventative approach helping students to reflect on their drinking, considering the risks associated and the benefits of cutting down. The intervention is delivered by trained students ambassadors who use a nationally recognised evidence-based behaviour change tool.

Join the programme

Students’ Union or University recruit students to become Drink Rethink Ambassadors

SOS-UK provide a role profile, email and social media templates and a set of recruitment screener questions.


Drink Rethink Ambassadors are trained

This half-day training equips students and/or staff with the knowledge and skills to engage with students, complete the AUDIT tool and give the appropriate leaflet based on the results.


Baseline survey and follow-up survey with Ambassadors

to ascertain their feedback.


Drink Rethink Ambassadors engage with students and complete the AUDIT tool

option for SOS-UK to remain on-site to assist. See the audit here.


Students receive advice leaflet according to AUDIT score

offering information, advice and support.


3 week follow up survey sent to students

to gain feedback and measure the impact of the interaction.


Raw data and/or full report produced for institution

The AUDIT results, and follow-up questionnaires, can be summarised through an engaging report.

"The peer led approach is a great way to encourage students to think about their drinking habits”.

Ruby Smith, Community Projects Coordinator at the Students' Union at UWE

We offer

  • Support and resources for recruiting student ambassadors: Including a role profile, email and social media templates, and a set of recruitment screener questions to ensure students with a range of characteristics are recruited.
  • Option of training packages: Including training students as peer ambassadors, training students’ union or university staff or train the trainer. This 1-day training equips individuals with the knowledge and skills to engage with students, complete the AUDIT tool (link to audit tool above) with participants and give the appropriate advice leaflet based on the results.
  • Access to online questionnaires: Including the online AUDIT tool as well as 1 week and 12 weeks follow up survey.
  • Follow-up report: The AUDIT results, as well as the follow-up questionnaires, can be summarised through an engaging report showing the initial reported drinking of the students plus their feedback following the intervention.
“All students I spoke to didn't mind discussing their drinking habits in front of friends and actually encouraged their friends to get involved and stimulated discussion around alcohol intake.”
Drink Rethink Ambassador

Invest in a safer university for your students

Tier 1 support
Student ambassador recruitment material, 1 day ambassador training (or train the trainer), digital copies of leaflets and branding, access to raw data and telephone/email support.

£1,690 +VAT

Tier 2 support
Same as Tier 1 plus pre and post-surveying of student ambassadors, access to raw data, production of simple graphs for use in reports and telephone/email support

£1,920 +VAT

Tier 3 support
Same as Tier 2 production of a full final report

£2,480 +VAT
  • Develops a responsible drinking approach: Drink Rethink supports the wider efforts of the institution and students’ union to make positive steps towards responsible drinking on and off-campus.
  • Data on student drinking at your institution: The AUDIT will give specific information about the prevalence of drinking at your institute which can be used to target future initiatives.
  • A preventative approach that is cost-effective in reducing the risks associated with drinking: Research shows that one in eight Increasing and Higher Risk drinkers who are screened and receive brief advice will reduce to within Lower Risk levels (Moyer et al. 2012). Research by Public Health England also suggests that for every Increasing or Higher Risk drinker who receives Identification and Brief Advice (IBA), there is a £27 return to the wider health and care economy.
  • Developed skills for students: Students who have trained and acted as student ambassadors will gain leadership, time management, project management, team development and communication skills. Students will also gain knowledge of how institutions and students’ unions can promote responsible alcohol consumption. Each student will be sent a digital badge  to confirm their participation, that could also be recognised through their HEAR or equivalent.
  • Train the trainer options: Giving the ability to repeat Drink Rethink throughout the academic year.
Students outside university building

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