Do you have concerns about your alcohol consumption?

July 17, 2023
Do you have concerns about your alcohol consumption?

The media can portray that university is all about alcohol and drug use. However:

86% of students said that they do not use drugs

32% said that they drink alcohol less than once a week

But how do you recognise if your alcohol use is becoming problematic?

Here are some things to look out for:

• Your alcohol consumption causes loss of memory

• You are dishonest about your drinking levels to others

• You have trouble concentrating

• Your sleep after drinking is deteriorating

• You drink faster than other people

• You regularly drink more than your friends

• You find you need alcohol to cope with stress

• Your relationships with friends and family are suffering

• You get drunk when you don't mean to

• You miss study or work due to drinking or hangovers

• You have an increased tolerance to alcohol (you have to drink more to get the desired effect)

• You struggle to drink less

• You experience a feeling of guilt or remorse after drinking

• You find you are preoccupied with alcohol or are planning your day around alcohol

• You experience withdrawal symptoms when you haven't been drinking, e.g., swearing, nausea and tremors

• You or someone else has been injured as a result of your drinking

• A relative, friend, doctor or other health worker has been concerned about your drinking and/or suggested that you cut down

If you answered yes to the above, consider making changes to your drinking levels. Even small changes can make a difference (*if you are drinking daily or experiencing withdrawals please seek medical advice before reducing):

• Choose lower unit drinks

• Two consecutive days drink-free a week – but don’t drink more on others day

• Start the evening slower. Swap every second drink for a non-alcoholic option.

• If you do have a heavy drinking session – avoid alcohol for 48 hours so your body has time to recover


Support Available:

• Find advice to reduce your drinking via Drinkaware here

• Find out the many ways that you can access support, advice or treatment via Drinkaware here.

• Visit the FRANK website

• Visit the NHS Alcohol Support webpage here

•  Find out what support options are available through your university and students' union

Figures mentioned in the first paragraph come from SOS-UK’s 2021-22 Students, Alcohol and Drugs survey.