Royal Holloway partnership receive Alcohol Impact accreditation

February 18, 2020
Royal Holloway partnership receive Alcohol Impact accreditation

We’re pleased to announce that Royal Holloway, University of London and Royal Holloway Students’ Union have received NUS Alcohol Impact accreditation. This reflects the dedication and commitment of both the university and the Students’ Union to embedding social norms of responsible alcohol consumption and building healthier, safer, more productive student communities.

The partnership demonstrated their commitment to increase the inclusivity for non-drinkers through the quality and quantity of non-drinking social activities as well as the provision of alcohol-free spaces that run into the evening.

Furthermore, the partnership has also demonstrated a number of approaches to proactively engage with local residents and promote responsible drinking off-campus. These include a termly newsletter to local residents keeping them informed of upcoming calendar dates such as the fresher’s ball, a Be a good neighbour guide for students and the Hall to Home campaign aimed to inform students about what it means to live in the local community. It is clear that student safety is also paramount with the students’ union bus taking students home and the quality of the training delivered to their bar staff.

Moreover, the introduction of a student-led alcohol and drug awareness campaign group has shown the ongoing commitment to involving students in the Alcohol Impact programme.

“Royal Holloway, University of London and Royal Holloway Students’ Union are really proud to have achieved the Alcohol Impact Accreditation. We will continue to work collaboratively across the university to continue our important work in raising awareness in responsible alcohol use and providing support where it is needed. Here at Royal Holloway, we provide a range of safe alcohol and alcohol-free events and we ensure that our students have access to clear information about alcohol.” Lee Fellows, Head of Student Wellbeing at Royal Holloway, University of London

“I think that Alcohol Impact is an excellent way to help universities and students’ union to address issues with alcohol and to provide support for those who need it.”  Royal Holloway Alcohol Impact student auditor

Congratulations to all those involved in the Alcohol Impact programme, a great achievement!